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General information



General Information

The Bolloré Group is one of the 500 largest companies in the world, it now holds strong positions in all its activities around three business lines, Transportation and Logistics, Communication, Electricity Storage and solutions.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is the result of the union between the Bolloré Group's four traditional businesses. Bolloré Ports, Bolloré Railways, Bolloré Energy and Bolloré Logistics are four areas of business and expertise that now work collectively to satisfy the needs of global clients. Bolloré Transport & Logistics makes all of its areas of expertise available to its clients, including construction and operation of port terminals and railway lines, freight forwarding and logistics

Being part of Bolloré Transport & Logistics means engaging with an international and visionary Group. A Group that constantly embarks on new undertakings. A Group that invests and innovates.  

Job description





Location Job

South-East Asia, Viet Nam, Ha Noi

Contract length

Full time

Mission description

A. Draw up & Deliver the documentation and/or declarations to customs:
A1. In compliance with the regulations, accept and check the instructions, information, and documents that are required for performing the customs declaration
A2. Determine and assign a tariff classification, where permitted, based on regulations and customs procedures, to enable duties and taxes (the customs payment) to be calculated
A3. Confirm documentation required for the appropriate customs procedure
A4. Enter and submit the declaration in the internal and/or external system
A5. Provide all the information required by the customs authorities: act as an intermediary between the company and the customs authorities
A6. In the event of an inspection or a physical check of goods, provide the necessary documents and the declaration to the customs clerk
A7. If required, attend physical inspection carried out by the Customs Authority
A8. Advise on the implementation of customs compliance rules, particularly FTA's
A9. Receive and compile the declarations issued by the person making the customs declaration
A10. Append the documentation required by the customs authorities (including certain documents from the transportation file) to the declaration
A11. File the declaration with the customs authorities

B. Monitor the customs clearance channel, and inform operations:
B1. If required, attend physical inspections carried out by the customs authorities
B2. Monitor cases and inform the customs brokers of any issues arising that require their intervention
B3. Check the documentation in the information system
B4. Gather the customs document, and forward them to Operations
B5. Inform the manager, customs operator, or International Freight Forwarding Operator in the event of disputes
B6. Organize the inspection timetables and check the availability of the goods to facilitate the customs authority's work; maintain relationships and simplify communications
Acknowledge and check packages in external warehouses at operations' request (at some facilities)

C. Organize and manage the drivers' schedule:
C1. Draw up the drivers' assignment orders
C2. Plan the activities of the in-house drivers, and contact sub-contractors
C3. Monitor and check the drivers' working hours and travel expenses
C4. Remain in permanent contact with the drivers

D. Check compliance with mandatory rules and procedures:
D1. Check the application of and compliance with the internal regulations, the protocol, and more specifically the health and safety rules according to QHSE rules
D2. Control the security and protection of staff and goods
D3. Organize and manage the drivers' schedule: monitoring and checking the drivers' working hours and travel expenses
D4. Check the drivers' time management and tasks
D5. Check and provide the related information required for invoicing

E. Optimize the profitability of the vehicles:
E1. Monitor the profitability threshold determined by their line man



- Local Vietnamese citizen
- At least 5 years experiences in Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding, Logistics or Import/Export field.
- Good at management and communication skills.
- Detail oriented, careful and can work under pressure.